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Voted BEST Youth Event in the North East 2016!

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Students and staff at Hartlepool College of Further Education are always looking to make a positive difference...


One of the ways we do this is via our Student Ambassador Scheme where students can sign up to work on events and enrichment tasks that can enhance student CV's and improve the student experience across the entire college.


GameCon emerged in 2015 when students Andrew Smales, Thomas Black, Sam Henderson and IAG Team Leader Mark Lee met up to discuss a Games Club for students. The discussions soon got into hosting a large event when it emerged all of them were big gamers with lots of passion and enthusiasm to create a big event.


All involved students designed their timetable of games, brought along their own games and consoles and talked to other students about the types of competitions and games they would like to see. From this the team designed the 18 only gaming area and came up with lots of activities that appealled to all ages. The team then worked to secure prizes which led to working externally.


From this it naturally emerged that the students would look at working alongside a local charity and Changing Futures Hartlepool were selected. Changing Futures North East work to help young people in the region and have supported the college extensively in the past providing lots of voluntary placements. Their work often changes the lives of young people, giving them soft skills such as confidence, presentation skills and a space to talk to someone and work on positive events just like GameCon.


The event was hosted in 2015 and attracted students and local familes around Hartlepool. The event was a great success and grew to be even bigger in 2016 with the full backing of Hartlepool College and its Design, Media and ICT staff and facilities. The students were able to broaden the GameCon offer, making it even more interactive and useful for people in Hartlepool. This included bringing in Teesside University's Games Design team who were able to talk about their courses and the industry in the UK.


In 2016, GameCon was nominated for Best Youth Event in the North East as part of Youth Focus: NE's Positive Behaviour order (PosBo) awards (you can see our appeal video at the top of this page!) The students who had worked extensively on the project since it's beginning were honoured to win and accept this award in December 2016 and vowed to make GameCon even better!


We can't thank our enthusiastic students, supporters, visitors and staff enough and look forward to seeing more visitors having fun at GameCon 2017!



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