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Voted BEST Youth Event in the North East 2016!

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Take part in great gaming competitions at GameCon 2017!


We're keen to bring you more competitions and moments of fun and glory to this year's GameCon. In 2015 we ran lots of competitions from Mega Drive Sonic Speed Runs to Wii Sports tournaments. Our Smash Bros. tournaments proved to be particularly successful and this continued in 2016 where it dominated the spotlight. We also ran a flight-sim challenge where you had to land a plane with real-world settings and physics. For old school gamers and Aerospace enthusiastics this went down great (no pun intended!) For you creative gamers, we ran a fantastic Super Mario Maker competition where we tasked you to design levels which our staff and students then went away and played so they could judge them fairly.


There were also some intense, heated FPS competitions on the XBox 360 and a fantastic Counterstrike LAN shoot-out where you could test your reflexes on our super-fast gaming PC's.

We're proud to annouce that all of the above competitions will be returning for 2017!


Last year we gave out GameCon cups, keyrings, sweets, game plushies, Amiibo's and even a games console! For 2017, we're going all out and will be working with Changing Futures, various retailers, games companies and the college's enrichment team and student Ambassadors to bring you even more fun competitions and prizes!




Super Smash Bros. for WiiU

Track and Field Multi-Tap competition

Super Mario Maker creation zone

Robotnicks Drone Zone flight school

1-2 Switch Quickdraw


If you would like to sign up for our SMASH tournament, the WAYS tourney team can log you on the day or you can pre-register HERE