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Voted BEST Youth Event in the North East 2016!

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Involving Students at Hartlepool College of Further Education


Did you know Hartlepool College of Further Education and Changing Futures both have a history of working to really promote young people's success stories? Because of this we decided to really involve young people in designing GameCon in 2017. To do this we recruited learners in Hartlepool College to support student Ambassadors and worked with Changing Futures to get their young people and staff involved in GameCon for 2017! This page will therefore be updated with all press aspects over the coming weeks!


Who has planned and designed the event?

Student Ambassadors at Hartlepool College have led the way when it comes to planning the event. They have met with staff and other students to get videogame systems that will appeal to lots of people of all ages. They have also spent time looking at how to design the conference room to ensure this huge space is best utilised for everyone visiting. Because of this they can guarantee that everyone will feel comfortable and that there are plenty of ways to play over the course of the three-day event.


What about graphics?

Student Ambassadors met with our Foundation Degree students and requested designs/logos and posters. Because of this they have created posters that will be shown in public areas, schools and youth venues across the Tees Valley. Jaxon Simmonds has designed this year's GameCon logo and Chloe Armitage designed the posters that have gone out across the town. Students wanted to get everyone involved to give them real-world experiences that will benefit their CV's and help to develop their skills.


In the Press:


We work hard to ensure student work is promoted across the town of Hartlepool so make every effort to bring in local and regional press. Here they can interview the students and they can talk about the GameCon event. Recent examples of this include (click to view):


Hartlepool Mail

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